Category: Commands

Checking the availability of SMTPS, POPS and IMAPS.

Open a linux shell execute the respective command; replace the hostname with the server IP/Hostname for which you want to check the avialability of secured mail ports.

POPS – port number 995

# openssl s_client -connect hostname:995

SMTPS – port number 465

# openssl s_client -connect hostname:465

IMAPS – port number 993

# openssl s_client -connect hostname:993



Cpanel error while installing perl module.

If you get the below error while trying to install a perl module


Testing connection speed…(this could take a while)….Done

Ran out of working CPAN mirrors. Please contact cPanel Support at /scripts/ line 209


The fix is as below

# rm -f /root/.cpcpan/mirrors.speeds

# rm -f /root/.cpcpan/pingtimes/*

And rerun the script.